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[ /] Halloween hell for Rachel / Õýëëîóèíñêèé àä äëÿ Ðåé÷åë [2015 ã., BDSM, Bondage, Hogtie, Gag, 720p, HDRip]

Rachel comes home from Halloween really drunk. She slumps onto her bed while texting. When she wakes up a nurse is in there that talks to her about having a drinking and pill problem. Rachel tries to defend herself but she finds herself being cuffed at the wrists and ankles by the woman who then puts a metal posture collar on her and hogcuffs her with a chain. Shortly thereafter she puts an open mouth gag in her mouth so she can’t yell and bother her neighbors. A few minutes late the woman comes to take her away. The scene cuts to Rachel and the nurse in a cell. The nurse tells her that this is part of he treatment to get better. She gets into orange pants, gags herself, and is straitjacketed. The nurse leaves and the woman paces around for a few minutes before she returns and changes her gag to a harness ballgag and then ties her up with rope and hogties her on the bench. She leaves Rachel again……A few minutes later Rachel wakes up in her bed at home. Her Xena costume is missing and some of the kinky medical things are on her bedstand. What happened to her that Halloween night? Òèï HD âèäåî

[ /] Charlotte Cross (All Natural Southern Belle in Brutal Bondage, Tormented, and Devastating Orgasms!! / 31-12-2015) [2015 ã., BDSM, Bondage, Torture, Humilation, Toys, Hardcore, HDRip, 720p]

Charlotte comes to me and says “I hear you are the one to talk to about getting tied up” and smiled. She is going to get exactly what she is looking for today. I get to know her in the first scene then intensify the bondage put this slut on the right path; the path of not fucking around. Êà÷åñòâî âèäåî

[ /] Cherie Deville (Hot Blonde MILF Suffers Through Grueling Bondage)[2015-12-24, BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Toys, 720p]

We go into this shoot differently than our usual shoot. This will be with minimal breaks, and if possible none at all. We begin with Cherie standing with her hands above her head, torment the hell out of her, make her cum, then move straight into the next scene. A chair is brought in and she is quickly sat down and the bondage transforms to adapt. She is helpless to the sadistic hell that she is put through and begs for it to stop. Next she is is a side suspension where she is fucked in her pussy and mouth after enduring extreme corporal punishment. All of the tying is shown as she goes into the bondage. In the final scene she is in a grueling back bend. Again she is terrorized by The Pope until she has been used up, then made to cum one final time. Êà÷åñòâî HD âèäåî

[ /] Raven Rocket (Pretty Loves Pain / 10-12-2015) [2015 ã., BDSM, Torture, Bondage, Hairym Big Tits, Humiliation, Hardcore, HDRip, 720p]

Welcome Raven to Hogtied! This beautifully stunning creature is all natural with the best set of tits I’ve ever put my hands on and her ass is just as nice. Her face is innocent and beautiful, but once the torment begins we see her transform into something totally different, yet still beautiful. The rope accents her already perfect body, her screams of suffering fill the room, and her pussy drips down her leg from all of the orgasms. She’s been tied up before, but not like this. She finally sees what it’s like to be totally helpless and at the hands of one of the most sadistic fuckers ever. Êà÷åñòâî âèäåî

[ /] Serena Blair (Serena Blair is Back in Extreme Bondage and Cumming Like a Whore)[2015-12-03, BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Toys, 720p]

Serena and her fucking perfect little body look amazing in bondage. She is helpless from the first moment that she sets foot on set. The ropes are inescapable and punishing at the same time. She is suspended in a brutal single point suspension that very few can endure. She is tormented and taken to a point of suffering from punishment that she hasn’t been to in a very long time. After all of that we make her cum, and holy fuck does she cum. Her orgasms are as intense as the bondage and punishment. Êà÷åñòâî HD âèäåî

[ /] Roxy Raye (Devastating Anal Fisting in Brutal Bondage / 26.11.2015) [2015 ã., BDSM, Bondage, Humiliation, Torture, 720p, HDRip]

Anal Queen, Roxy Raye loves to push her limits with how much she can shove in her ass. Today she is met with one of her biggest challenges to date; The Pope’s fist. There are only seven other girls that have ever been able to take his massive fist, but this will be the first anal fisting. She is spread eagle against a wall flogged and then a crotch rope with a bowling ball tied to it, is applied to ensure her suffering. She starts off a bit timid, but that all changes as the day goes on. Next she is in a predicament doggy position. All of her weight is balancing on one knee, her other leg is pulled in the air to expose her pussy and ass. she is tormented more and then the anal stretching begins. We grab the biggest toy we have on set and fill her ass with it. Next we do an ankle suspension with this slut inverted and completely helpless. She is toyed with and shocked with a zapper before she is made to cum. In the final scene Roxy is as exposed and helpless as she is going to get. This position allows the ideal angle for The Pope to shove his entire fist inside of her ass. He doesn’t stop there and keeps adding more fingers in her pussy to make her as full and tight as possible. You’ve heard of the “shocker” well this is called the”mini van”; 2 in the front and 5 in the back. You’re welcome!! Òèï HD âèäåî

[ /] Abella Danger (19 Year Old Rope Slut Suffers in Extreme Bondage)[2015-11-19, BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Toys, 720p]

Abella is not your typical 19 year old girl. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. She wants to be challenged with brutal bondage, tormented, and then have orgasms ripped from her willing pussy. Her flexibility is exploited to put her body in predicaments that most other girls could not handle. She is abused and punished in a way that only a dedicated pain slut could be and loves every second of it. Êà÷åñòâî HD âèäåî

[ /] The Pope and Aria Alexander (Petite Brunette is Captured in Bondage, Tormented, and Made to Cum)[2015-11-12, BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Toys, 720p]

We open with sexy slut struggling on the floor. We watch her as she tries as hard as she can to escape with no luck. Her clothes are removed and she is manhandled on the floor before she is made to cum. We take the rest of the day exploring her limits and boundaries, being careful not to go too far, but rather ride that fine line between the two carefully. She is put in her first suspension ever and shown through punishment what suffering really is. Êà÷åñòâî HD âèäåî

[ /] Lorelei Lee (Lorelei Lee Submits in Brutal Bondage with Grueling Torment!!! / 05-11-2015) [2015 ã., BDSM, Bondage, Anal, Humiliation, Torture, Toys, Hardcore, HDRip, 720p]

Lorelei is back and holy shit does she look fucking amazing. Her flowing blonde hair, her natural body with a great ass and amazing tits inspire me to do things to her; very bad things. We begin with her standing with her legs spread. I want to be close to her so I can hear her scream. I want to feel her push that glorious ass back when my hand wraps around her throat. Êà÷åñòâî âèäåî

[ /] Kleio Valentien – Stunning Tattooed Babe Made to Endure Torment in Brutal Bondage [2015 ã., BDSM, Bondage, Humiliation, Torture, Toys, Hardcore, 720p]

We begin with Kleio standing and her ares bound at the wrists and elbows. She is stripped and then tormented with flogging and spankings before being made to cum. I decide that she is going to fly. She is suspended for the first time ever in an inverted hogtie with her arms stretched out and tied to bamboo. She endures more brutal beatings, heavy pussy torment and then she is made to cum again. Next we showcase Kleio’s amazing ass. Her entire body is on point and she works her ass off to keep it that way. She is spanked, flogged and her feet tormented before we fuck her into submission. In the final scene she is on her back with her hands and feet pulled in different directions to make her back arch. Her body is stretched out making her helpless and vulnerable. She is flogged more, made to endure extreme breath control, and finger banged. The vibe is introduced and her mind gets blown as she begs for the orgasms to stop. Òèï HD âèäåî