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OH HELL NAH! The last thing you want to do in life is cheat on your gurl, and let the Bang Bus catch her when she is mad! We creep up around the mall, and find this babe Mia Pearl arguing with her dude. She was heated as fuck! So we chat her up, and convince her to get REVENGE… and by get revenge, we mean GET FILLED WITH DICK ON THE BUS! She is bout it bout it, and wants to get her now ex-boyfriend know that she gives no fucks. Guzzling hard cock and getting her tight pussy slammed in front of the camera.. and all out of spite! You goddamn know that we are the perfect scumbags to take advantage of this situation! This perfect ass fake blondie got drilled hard and loved it….right up until we threw her out on the side of the street like all the rest! Hahaaaaa! BANG BUS BITCHES!!!! Ôîðìàò âèäåî

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Here at Bangbus HQ, we are all about helping out the ladies… helping them get FUCKED AND TOSSED ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD THAT IS!!! Hahaaaa! We creep up on the come up, and find ourselves a fine piece of pussy in distress once again. Her name is Ayn Marie, and she needed some help getting her car bumper fixed or some sort of bullshit like that. We roll with it, just like we always do… and before she knows it she is getting money thrown at her face and dick in her mouth! Hell yeah! This petite sweetie had the tightest lil pink gash I’ve ever seen. Goddamn I loved watching those perky natural tits of hers bounce up and down as she was drilled hard with raw dong! Hardcore amateur chicks getting railed by a bunch of Miami scumbags aka BANG FUCKING BUS BITCHES! YEAGH!!! Ôîðìàò âèäåî

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